Podcast Series Episode #8 Mediation, Interfaith, UNESCOCAT & Ba...
Join host Jeff Thompson and second time guest, The Rev. Chloe Breyer, Executive Director of the Interfaith Center of New York. They both give a recap of the Interfaith Center of New York's sponsored interfaith delegation trip to Barcelona.

The trip consisted of delegation members from NYC and Glasgow visiting Barcelona to learn how interfaith and conflict resolution work is be done there.
UNESCOCAT were our gracious hosts (Yes- I was lucky enough to attend as an official representative of the NYPD!).

We both discuss the work UNESCOCAT engages in (including the inter-religous dialogue, conflict resolution training...), the various groups we visited and important cultural elements which impacts the interfaith movement in Barcelona.

Will Mediators be the next to be fined? American football team the New York Jets will be fining star quarterback Mark Sanchez each time he slumps his shoulders, hangs his head down or trudges off the practice field.

...Now lets transition to the conflict resolution and mediation field. Of course it is silly to imagine (right?) something similar to be rolled out by the ABA or ACR but I think if anything, this is a reminder to us as mediators, ombudsman and coaches- supposedly communication experts- to be mindful of how we communicate other than the words we are using.

...Finally, something else to consider when being mindful of body language, both your own and others, is the Three C's- Congruence, Context and Clusters.
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Eric Cissell- Since Cyberweek, I have had the opportunity to research different information and communication technology (ICT) platforms that were either designed or adopted to support peace-building efforts. The interest was sparked after participating in Jeff Aresty and Ruha Devanesan’s presentation on the Internet Bar Organization’s (IBO) Microcommerce Justice Initiatives. The IBO has successfully brought communities online to participate in the global marketplace first-

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Matthew Starman- For those of you who read my blogs (I think I'm up to 5 including my wife and mom) you may remember my blog about politics earlier. While I feel a little uncomfortable talking about politics, I feel compelled to talk about issues that relate to ADR. So I will write another.As the poll results were streaming in, I was reminded of a phrase I read by a representative from Ohio. "This is not a time for compromise." So I began to think to myself, 'why is compromise such a bad thing?' It see…

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