fuss about the forum: Noam Ebner goes to Cyberweek (again!)

...One way or another, I had quite a few of those moments last week, as I participated in Cyberweek, the annual online conference on Online Dispute Resolution. There’s nothing like a good show combined with the feeling of a vibrant, lively community. For a few days, it really did feel as if the web was alive with people, thoughts, ideas and connections.

I’ve participated in Cyberweek for the past six or seven years, always excited to participate in this conference which really mirrors the nature of its content – an area of dispute resolution that anyone can take part in, regardless of geographical or financial limitations, and participate in pushing a constantly expanding envelope.

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Plan to Require Mediation Stirs up State Bar‏
A proposal to require lawyers to notify their clients that disputes can be settled through mediation as well as litigation has stirred considerable opposition within the New York StateBar Association.
A resolution of the group's Dispute Resolution Section supporting the requirement was abruptly taken off of the House of Delegates' agenda Saturday after several objections were raised.
...Simeon H. Baum, a mediation proponent who was to have presented the notification proposal to the House of Delegates, said in an interview Wednesday that it is "an open question" whether the resolution can be salvaged.
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One of the primary strengths of ADRhub.com is the network of members from such diverse backgrounds. ADRhub.com now includes academics, practitioners, scholars, professionals, students, 'newbies,' and those interested in getting involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
...Arnold Zeman is a transformative mediator with a private practice in family mediation in Ottawa, Canada.
[Read the Full Q&A With Arnold Zeman by Eric Cissell here]

Bank of America Corp. and Ally Financial Inc., two of our nation’s largest home mortgage lenders, announced last week that that they would resume active foreclosures in 23 so-called judicial foreclosure states, or those states where foreclosures move through the courts.
...Instead, jurisdictions and the federal government should implement foreclosure mediation programs so that responsible homeowners and their lenders or mortgage servicers have at least one chance prior toforeclosure to review the documentation and ensure the foreclosure is both legal and appropriate. [Read More]

Featured Program: Lowell Highschool
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Yvette Thomas, the program director of the Lowell High School Peer Mediation Program. The program was implemented in 1991 and receives private funding from a local community college and the school department.

Join host Jeff Thompson and mediator and author, Victoria Pynchon (Check out Settle It Now Dispute Resolution, Negotiation Law Blog, and She Negotiates).
She discusses her new book, The ABC's of Conflict Resolution. Find out what the book is all about, how it can help you and your clients/parties to mediation.

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