IMI Launches 'Find The Right Mediator’ Web App!
Irena Vanenkova- In a unique development, and following strong user demand, the IMI ‘Find a Right Mediator’ Search Engine is now accessible with finger taps directly from mobile devices. A mobile interface of the IMI SearchEngine is now available free of charge as a Web Application specificallydesigned for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other Androids.
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Elder-care Mediation Expands
The elderly man became increasingly alarmed as the battles among his five grown children grew acrimonious.His two daughters, worried that he wasn't taking proper care of himself, wanted him to move to a retirement community. His three sons balked, insisting that he was managing fine in his own home. At a family meeting their father made this jarring announcement: I'm nearing the end of my life, and you are making me so unhappy that it might be easier if I killed myself and ended the fighting.

...Many clients feel "there's a negative connotation to mediation," said Massachusetts mediator Rikk Larsen, who says families may be embarrassed that they are unable to make decisions on their own and need to hire a professional to help them.
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Podcast Series Episode #13: CPR Institute- Senior VP Lorraine M. Brennan

Join host Jeff Thompson and Lorraine M. Brennan, Senior Vice President, of CPR Institute. Lorraine shares with us what and who CPR is, and the work she is involved in within her area of expertise- International and Programs.

They also discuss CPR's annual conference and the innovative approach the conference will be taking in 2011 making it more interactive compared to traditional annual meetings.

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Jason Dykstra- So the other day I issued a challenge to you. Clear your mind of thoughts and listen to someone fully without clouding your mind with thinking (Find it here). I got some great feedback via Twitter and Facebook about people that were going to try it, and people that realized how hard it was! Someone (@ENBDavies) said that it would be nice to have some practical tips on how to embody this behaviour. So I have come up with 5 tips in order to practice "thoughtless listening."

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