Mrs. Eleanor Josaitis, the co- founder of Focus Hope in Detroit, passed away on Tuesday.  I mention her death in this post because she was an indefatagible fighter for justice, humanity, and civil rights both locally and nationwide. She was also a dynamic negotiator, mediator and advocate of ADR practices, mostly self-taught. These skills came to her naturally because of her passion for peace, unity and cooperation amongst all people.  Mrs. Josaitis was adept at reframing challenging positions in her quest for resolving disputes and facilitating the movement of opponents toward becoming best of friends.  She convinced major corporations to donate to FocusHope to make an area of Detroit a better place for thousands of people.  Please see the New York Times for more about this remarkable woman.


U.S.   | August 11, 2011 
Eleanor M. Josaitis, Housewife-Turned-Urban Activist, Dies at 79 
Mrs. Josaitis was a suburban housewife who moved her family into Detroit after the 1967 riots and helped create a highly regarded nonprofit organization to combat poverty and racism. 

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She'll be missed....


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