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It is with great excitement that I am able to announce this year’s Cyberweek. Cyberweek 2011 will take place Monday, October 24th through Friday, October 28th. We are currently in the process of identifying potential learning experience facilitators to provide a Discussion Forum Topic, Webinar, or Simulation. If you would like to propose a learning experience for Cyberweek 2011, please contact me, Bryan Hanson at, or Noam Ebner at

In 2010, the Werner Institute had their first opportunity to assist the National Center For Technology and Dispute Resolution in the facilitation of Cyberweek via the website We had over 500 registered participants across the English and Spanish websites. This initial interest led to an amazing amount of activity. The English site had over 2000 visits and 12000 page views throughout the week. This energy really made the forums and webinars a lively, interactive and educational experience for all involved.

The overall experience was very positive and successful in carrying forward this wonderful virtual conference regarding Online Dispute Resolution in a meaningful, engaging manner. For anyone that wants to view the archives of Cyberweek 2010 you may do so at this link: We are looking forward to building on the success from last year and creating another vibrant environment that inspires the same energy and participation that has been consistent throughout all of the Cyberweeks thus far.

Once again, Cyberweek 2011 will provide discussion forums, webinars, simulations and contests that will be sure to provide a positive learning experience for all who participate. We are also looking at integrating many of the latest innovations in social media to create an environment that will bring us closer together for the week.

Registration for the conference is open. You may register at:


Once registered, you will begin to receive more information as we start to add clarity to the schedule of events.

Please pass on this message to anyone who may be interested in proposing a learning experience, or participating in Cyberweek 2011. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


Collaborating Organizations that bring you Cyberweek:



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October is here and Cyberweek 2011 is just a couple of weeks away. Please make sure you save the dates of October 24th to October 28th to provide ample time to participate. Once again, it appears we were able to build on the success of previous Cyberweeks and find some new and exciting ways to engage the participants. It will truly be an engaging environment appropriate for all levels of students, practitioners, and scholars.

Every day of the week will provide at least one webinar offering an opportunity to engage in live conversations regarding various online dispute resolution topics. We will close out the week on Friday with a webinar on recent developments in UNCITRAL’s work relating to arbitration in the context of international trade.

There will be the usual discussion forums providing an opportunity for asynchronous engagement regarding topics such as:

  • Establishing trust in online environments
  • Reputation, justice & fairness in online disputes 
  • Discovery, privacy, and privilege in ODR processes

We are introducing two new activities in Cyberweek 2011. They include a twitter chat on Wednesday October 26th from 8-9pm EST, and an internet radio program regarding Online Dispute Resolution hosted by Pattie Porter. Information regarding these unique events will be found in the Cyberweek 2011 website when the conference launches.

I also want to highlight two activities for students that you may want to begin working on and alerting students in conflict resolution if you are a professor. The first is the annual ABA Ethics student competition. Once again students will be able to respond to a case regarding ethics in ODR and will have their submissions judged by experts.

The second activity is new this year and specifically aimed to highlight the work of students relating to ODR. Students will be able to post a paper, presentation, slideshow, or any work that has been done regarding online dispute resolution. The forum will provide opportunities to share these works and discuss them with their peers and experts in the field. Therefore, if you have students that may be interested in these events, please let them know.

As you can see, there is plenty to look forward to and it promises to be a wonderful week of discussion and exploration. So, please register soon for Cyberweek, if you have not done so already, at . If you are already registered, please pass this information on to others who may not be aware of this free, educational conference regarding online dispute resolution.

One final note, the platform that the conference is hosted on is It is a great central resource for all things related to conflict resolution. To engage in the activities you will also have to sign up to be a member of this site. It is free and simple to do. Please do so prior to the week so you can be ready to go day one of cyberweek. If you participated last year, you are already a member and will just have to simply sign on with your username and password.

We are looking forward to the week and will be updating registered participants to the rest of the programming and schedule as the conference approaches.

Take care,

Bryan J. Hanson

Assistant Director
The Werner Institute
Creighton University - School of Law
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68178
Phone: 402.280.3365

Great opportunity to try SmartSettle!

Cyberweek 2011 is hosting a Smartsettle One Competition in which participants will be engaged in simulated negotiations. Each negotiation will be about the online purchase or sale of an item advertised for $100. Top performers will be identified on our eNegotiation Exhibition site at the end of the competition. This is an opportunity for a hands-on encounter with the latest eNegotiation technology designed for simple single-issue cases. You will experience how Visual Blind Bidding and algorithms that reward collaboration and good negotiating behaviour virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. You may use this opportunity to practice for your next real-life negotiation. Bring it to us during Cyberweek and we will facilitate resolution at no charge.[1]


For more information, check out the SmartSettle Website:




Listen LIVE Oct. 25th at 5:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm CST/ 8:00 pm EST at B.... Call in at: (347) 324-3591

Join us for Cyberweek 2011 – the annual virtual conference dedicated to the innovations and developments of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) hosted by Werner Institute at Creighton University via This show will focus on how online dispute resolution processes are used to deal with disputes, the various forms of ODR processes, and the benefits and challenges to using virtual communications.


Please follow this link for more information:



ABA Dispute Resolution Section's Student Essay Contest

Once again, the ABA Dispute Resolution section is holding an ethics in ODR essay competition for students. There is a $100 prize for the best essay, so make sure to participate.


Submit an on line analysis of the mediator’s performance, in 750 words or less, to Cyberweek Ethical Dilemma during Cyberweek, October 24-28th, 2011. Each submission will be read by two members of the Ethics Committee, scored, and the winning submission will receive $100.00 and will be published in an upcoming issue of the Sections eNewsletter Just Resolutions. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation upon submission of their analysis.


The link to the hypothetical case is here:


Overall, Cyberweek 2011 has been a positive learning experience for me as a conflict intervenor.  I enjoyed participating in the various webinars and simulation exercises.     

I am going to have to agree with ursula here. This has been enlightning and informative.


Ursula E. Richardson said:

Overall, Cyberweek 2011 has been a positive learning experience for me as a conflict intervenor.  I enjoyed participating in the various webinars and simulation exercises.     

Cyberweek was an interesting experience. When I first began my ODR class, I found it interesting and exciting. After attending a webinar during Cyberweek, I came to find out that this is what people do! It is a great learning tool and is effective in reaching a larger audience (considering that a person may be at a distant location). I like that there are Forums for people to post. You can learn a lot not only from the videos, but also from what people are saying throughout the discussions.


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