This was a recent paper I wrote as part of my Masters Degree program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution for the ODR (online dispute resolution) class.


I am interested in getting feedback on some of the ideas and suggestions I mention in it.  It is 12 pages long.


Here's the intro (the full paper is below as a Word Doc which can be downloaded):


Blueprint for the Creation of an

Internet Ombuds &

Dispute Resolution Center


New technology in the video communication field in relation to the Internet has led to the opportunity for conflict resolvers to utilize such new capabilities to assist them while working with people in both established relationships as well as forging into areas that once was restricted due to varying limitations.

This paper will show how new video communication (to be mentioned as video chat for the purpose of this paper) providers, specifically Skype and ooVoo, can be implemented into an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals practice.  The paper will use Creighton University as an example of how a new Internet Ombuds & Dispute Resolution Center (IODRC) can be designed, implemented and measuring can be put in place to ensure its success is sustainable.  The three pillars of the IODRC will be based similarly to the pillars of an established organizational ombudsman office- confidentiality, neutrality and informality.

This blueprint for a successful implementation of an Internet based center explores the criticisms of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and specifically video chat.  Due to recent advances, the criticisms could be argued to be moot.  Additionally, this blueprint will explore how the center is designed to be cost effective on numerous levels; the design is purposely developed to be modified for different environments; how it is designed to handled inquires, disputes and conflicts either exclusively online based, real world based or a combination of the two; and its unique design allows the center to be based solely online or as a compliment to an established real world practice or center.

Mediation will be referred to through much of this paper as a specific type of an ADR service which can benefit to the application of video chat technology.  However, mediation is not intend or implied to be the only ADR service which can benefit from video chat being used as a tool in the ADR professional’s toolbox.  For example, an arbitration process can be designed to utilize video technology as well but the focus of this paper is examining only mediation and hybrid versions of mediation such as a one party session[i] will be explained and detailed.

[i] Safe Horizon has created the term “One Party Session” as a way of engaging clients when the other party is not willing to mediate.


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