For Cyberweek 2016 only (until Sunday) there is a 50% discount coupon code  that can be  used against enrolment at two of the levels at

This is a blended on and offline course with the top level including two 1:1 personal marketing sessions.


The coupon codes (entered after you register at The Mediation Room school - where you can see the full set of modules - and select  one of the three options - are

3B1BE5W33K when selecting 'Live!' level whereupon the fee will be reduced from £950 to £475 or

FO1BE5W33K when selecting 'Foundation' level  whereon the fee will be reduced from £350 to £175

Click on 'redeem coupon' in the section where it seeks payment.  

These are only available until Sunday.

Go to

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