Special Assistant for Health Care Resolutions at Naval Medical Command

The Navy Hospital is hiring two Special Assistant for Health Care Resolutions. The positions are designated "to address the most, and/or sensitive patient care issues raised by hospital staff and/or our patients/family members during the patient care experience." The job is analogous to an Organizational Ombuds for a health care system.

For example, applicants must have experience: 

"Serving as an impartial third party who facilitates discussions between patients and providers; Developing creative resolutions to healthcare issues in a manner consistent with hospital objectives and mission; Independently conduct[ing] medical malpractice mediation between patients, families and medical staff members; and Analyzing and evaluating complex issues and determining their relative importance and susceptibility to compromise, alternative solutions and settlement."

Certificate-eligible as an Organizational Ombudsman, mediator with specialized training in managing healthcare disputes/issues and as a military mediator is highly desirable. 

The positions pay 92,108-$119,746 per year.  Applications for the position at Camp Pendleton in Southern California are due by March 25, 2016 (Federal Government Jobs), and applications for the position at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, are due March 28, 2016. (Federal Government Jobs).

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For those interested in the Camp Lejeune location, please feel free to contact me. I'm still active duty at Camp Lejeune.



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