Dear ADR Hub members,

First of all, I send you all my best wishes for this new year. 

Let me introduce myself : I'm Pauline, an international french mediator who live in Rome and collaborate with the main lobby for mediation in Italy, the Forum Nazionale dei Mediatori.

On december 18th, we organized with the french and swiss lobbys for mediation the first European Forum for Mediation in Rome. During this event was signed the first "European Agreement for Mediation" which gave birth at the European Union for Mediators (I can send you a copy of this agreement if you're interested in).

Besides, an agreement special schools was also ratified in order to promote mediation and peace in schools and university. 

If you're interested in our project, if you want to collaborate with you, please let me know, we would be thrilled working with you. 

I wish a very lovely day, 


please visit our website :

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Thanks for posting this and welcome to!

I was wondering if you could share some more information on the European Union for Mediators?  Is it a professional organization?  What are it's goals, especially compared to other mediator membership groups?



Hi Pauline,

Congratulations on the newly created Forum.  Likewise, llast Dec 22, 2012, we created Oceania Pacific Asian Mediators Association (OPAMA).  It will have its first workshop or speaking engagements in the Philippines (10 and 19 December , 2013).  So excited about it.


Please consider me as a volunteer on anything you need from this end.  Even as a guest speaker for your forum if you need me to come to Italy eventually (like next year, or so)..... I do a lot of mediation for Italian Migrants and other European migrants who have settled here in Australia.   Sometimes it is with their own family (inter-generation family dispute), or within their Italian community, or just simply with their neighbours because of dividing fence.

You can always count on my cooperation for your Forum.



Josephine. (Chiao bella)... I am married to an Italian, unfortunately.

Dear Pauline, 

thank you for this very interesting information. I would also be very glad, if you could share with us some more details about this project. I am mediator based in Slovakia, EU. I have my own practise but this year I also finish my postgradual studies in European and International Law, and of course, my main poin ot interest in the University is cross-border mediation. 

I know about EU regulations on mediation, I know some other international proffessional groups, so I am very interested in your project. Do you cooperate also with EU institutions? 

Thank you very much in advance, can't wait for your answer :)

Silvia Gallova

Dear all,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in our projects. 

In order to answer to your questions, you'll find in attached our Agreement which create the EU of Mediators and the one for schools (the third document is in english, the 1st one is in italian, the 2nd in french).

Let me know if you would be interested to collaborate with us, to ratify these documents or if you have any questions!  

I wish you a very lovely evening,

Best wishes 




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