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News From Creighton NCR: Annual Impact Report 2017-2018

ADRHub is happy to share Creighton University's Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program's Annual Impact Report, detailing the Program's activity over the course of the 2017-8 academic year. Our alumni, students and faculty have been very busy in teaching, writing, and…


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Trump and Putin

Like almost everyone across the political spectrum in the US (and most of the world), I am appalled by Trump’s smarmy, self-serving, incompetent and cowardly behavior in Helsinki, before that at the NATO summit and in the UK, and since.

I am appalled because Trump is once again saying it’s all Obama and Clinton ‘s fault, while he is wonderful, and so is Putin.

I am appalled because Trump yet again equated the effort to uncover what really happened in the last election with a…


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Career Survey (Undergrad, Graduate and Professionals)

I'm trying to get a better sense of the needs of those looking for work in peace and conflict related fields (conflict management, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance, etc.). Could you take a few minutes to complete this …

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International Ombudsman Association Seeks Proposals for Professional Development Programming

The professional association for Organizational Ombuds is soliciting proposals for a "replicable core course which will introduce ombuds professionals to conflict theory" -- a new two-day course to be offered…


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Dialog position in Berlin

The Berghof Foundation in Berlin is looking for a Senior Dialogue Facilitator, for a 24 month period (extendable), starting as soon as possible. More details here:

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How To Publish Your Blog At ADRhub.com

This is a quick guide to show how easy it is to post your blog posts from another site (your main blog) and increase your exposure while sharing your great content with a wider audience.  What is important to note is that you can post many postings at the same time and have them go live at a date determined by you. 

Also, as you will see below, we (ADRhub.com) encourage you to include a link to the location where it was originally…


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Twitter Chat For ADR Professionals

I love technology, specifically twitter. Jason Dykstra (@jasondyk) and I have been talking for about a month or so and jointly decided to put together a twitter chat specifically for professionals in the ADR field…


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