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Mediators offer new book for soldiers


Mediators offer a new book for soldiers to help resolve conflict:

Living in a military community, I am surrounded by both family and friends who are effected by war. Many times the conflict that surrounds both the soldiers and families grows more intense with each new deployment, each family event that has been missed, and then falling back into everyday life. The conflicts and…


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Elder Mediation

The aging process for many is often frustrating, scary, and confusing. So many emotions play a part in the person who is facing these new changes as well as those who love them. When decisions need to be made in regards to their care, it can be a challenging with so many obstacles and unknowns.

Often times, family members who are apart of making decisions live in different regions, trying to cope with their own emotions, struggle with financial concerns, and sometimes old conflicts… Continue

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Mediation in prime time....I like it!


The much anticipated "Fairly Legal" made its debut last night. Although, many may of not been on the edge of your seat waiting for this program to air but it sure had a ton of media hype the last few weeks.


My email and email alerts were inundated with a steady stream of press releases, interviews with the stars, and even other people blogging about this show.


So, what was all the hype? Most of it was because the USA network does an amazing job (in my…


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Mindful Children creating Peace


As I was doing some research about peer mediation, I came across an article about Jackson Elementary in Mineola, NY. Milissa Seymour is one of the teacher's who has introduced a variety of concepts into the school to help promote peace.

Grade by grade, they teach different skills like peer mediation, negotiating, and conflict resolution. Learning these skills at such a young age, may potentially ensure that these are life long

tools that these children will carry into…


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Reality T.V. and Mediation

Ice T famous Rapper and Television star is producing a new reality show highlighting gang wars and the use of mediation (on A&E...check local listing for times). When I came across this, I was very excited as the use of mediation and gangs has always been very interesting to me.

However, more interesting to me, is the use of mediation on television. It seems that there is a continuing conversation amongst many of us to how we effectively create awareness to the ADR field. So my… Continue

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