Mediators offer a new book for soldiers to help resolve conflict:

Living in a military community, I am surrounded by both family and friends who are effected by war. Many times the conflict that surrounds both the soldiers and families grows more intense with each new deployment, each family event that has been missed, and then falling back into everyday life. The conflicts and stresses they deal with before they are soldiers are much different than after. From experience with personal friends and family, it can seem at times an impossible task to overcome these new challenges. And with these new challenges brings great challenges for these soldiers and their families.


Often times, there does not seem to be enough resources for these soldiers or families do not where to look for help to help them through these challenging times. Mediators Carol Rice and Dr. Rick Voyles made it their "mission" to write a book for soldiers and their families about conflict. They have written a book on conflict and making sure each soldier receives a copy. Although, I have not read it, it seems as though it is a great resource for military families who experience many of the same stresses and conflict.


“Understanding Conflict: A Resource for the Military Family” was written specifically with military families dealing with stress and conflict in mind. The growing number of reports of violence, divorce rates and suicides involving soldiers, they say, is evidence that the pressures of war, multiple deployments, injuries and the economy are taking their toll on returning service members.


The more resources these families and soldiers have, the more it can help ease the conflict they experience. What a great step in the right direction by these mediators to help our men and women in uniform and their families.

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