The aging process for many is often frustrating, scary, and confusing. So many emotions play a part in the person who is facing these new changes as well as those who love them. When decisions need to be made in regards to their care, it can be a challenging with so many obstacles and unknowns.

Often times, family members who are apart of making decisions live in different regions, trying to cope with their own emotions, struggle with financial concerns, and sometimes old conflicts from the past get in the way of making decisions for their loved ones for the future. Mediation is a great resource that can help families deal what seems like impossible and scary decisions.

"Not all families can work these kinds of issues out to everyone’s satisfaction and calling in a mediator, who understands the dynamics of eldercare, may save everyone a whole lot of heartache.  ”Unlike lawyers who are hired to advocate for one side, elder-care mediators function as impartial observers in a voluntary process designed to be less adversarial – and cheaper – than a court proceeding,” writes Sandra Boodman in an article in The Washington Post.". Read rest of article at

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