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Stories for Hope: The Next Generation in Post-Conflict Rawanda Seeks to Break the Silence

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For over two years, my non-profit has trained counselors in Rwanda in narrative psychology, for the sake of Rwanda's newest generation. So far we have collected and publicly archived 100 intergenerational dialogues between young adults and their elders, and our evaluations suggest this has been very…


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A Manager's Dilemma: How do YOU figure out what's wrong in the office?

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Front-line managers to CEOs are all asked to put out fires and fix problems. Stephen Kotev, my guest co-host and I will discuss a simple way to determine what is going wrong in the workplace. We will focus on what managers can do to unravel their problems and understand new ways of breaking down issues into resolvable segments. We will review 5 areas that are the most common root causes to conflict.…


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Name Calling - When Will It Stop?

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Robert Fulghum, an American author, is quoted as saying "Sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will break our hearts" not to mention our spirits. Name calling, mudslinging, defaming and insulting words are all about impulsively responding to someone or something that is a threat to the beliefs, values or attitudes we hold dear. We learn it as kids as way to protect ourselves and to hurt others…


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Got Conflict? Unraveling the Problem

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We all have conflict in our lives...some more complex than others. So, what if you "got conflict?" Sometimes, we are so entrenched in our problem that we lose sight and it feels too complicated to figure out or we solve the wrong problem. Stephen Kotev, my guest…


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