I am an evangelist for the ADR profession. My mission is to use the resources of the Association for Conflict Resolution to develop more career opportunities for ADR students as the next generation of ADR specialists.  A mentorship program between ADR students and leaders in the field of conflict resolution is in development via the Association for Conflict Resolution.                                      


The need is to provide ADR students with more career options and choices before they finish either graduate or law school.  The Association for Conflict Resolution is proposing a reduced membership rate for students.  The value of ACR membership is the mentor/mentee program, involvement with the ADR profession and its future, as well as education and training in the many aspects of conflict resolution.  Programs are in development between the ADR schools and the ACR to consider tuition reduction incentives as part of the ACR student membership.  There needs to be greater communication between students and those interested in an ADR career and the people who are leading the field.

So far, I working with Bryan Hanson of Creighton University and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI to develop the firm details of the program.  Together, we plan to attract more ADR students to the colleges and universities by providing them with a more defined career path, as well as the many benefits of ACR membership.

I am following through with the dean's of 20 ADR schools throughout the country.  International students are welcome to join.  Contact me directly as a student or ADR school representative via this discussion post for more details on how the Association for Conflict Resolution may be of assistance to you.  Please visit our website at:  www.acrnet.org.

John C. Turley


Creighton University, Werner Institute Class of 2010



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