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Facilitated Virtual Collaboratory Solutions 


ReGroup Advisors


My company, ReGroup Advisors, provides an innovative service to gather the unvarnished  truth and feedback concerning new ideas, initiatives, and brain storming sessions.   This creative process, an on-line collaborative environment, is known as the "Collaboratory."  We go to market as either a stand alone service offering known as  Facilitated Virtual Collaboratory Solutions or as part of a comprehensive consultative assignment.

It allows for anonymous and confidential participant input for brainstorming strategies, operational problem solving, opinion feedback, and the development of potential alternative solutions.  This approach removes participant's concerns about honest and open feedback thereby accelerating the organization's achievement of their objectives by making decisions based on the merit of the ideas.  This is in unique contrast to the tendency to place greater weight on the opinion of the most senior, the most vocal or the loudest opinion expressed within the group or by an individual. 

For the ADR profession, Facilitated Virtual Collaboratory Solutions is a medium to pre-test strategies or approaches to a basic or complex ADR case.  Another application would be to validate or defect check an ADR theory,application, thesis, a book premise or an academic or business discussion forum.  The applications of the methodology are limited by one's imagination and creativity. 


We are up and running and conducting  Facilitated Virtual Collaboratory Solutions for a cross section of industries such as the health care and financial services industries to name but a few.  I envision our expansion into the field of ADR and I will keep everyone posted on our progress.  I will be promoting the concept within on field on a targeted basis.  Obviously, there is more to discuss on this initiative with its many applications and opportunities to expand one's business based on our reporting capabilities.  There will be more to follow.  Contact me directly at if you would like more details on this subject.


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