One thing that seems universal is how unpredictable life can be. One minute, the path forward seems clear. The next, you find yourself navigating an unexpected detour.

That’s where the idea of “margins” can be helpful. If your margin of error is wide enough, you can account for life’s unexpected detours and have enough room to “correct” your course. If your margin of error is narrow, the smallest unexpected turn of events can throw everything off course.untitled (39)

You can think of it like dominos. If you pull one domino out of the rotation, will your path still work?

When it comes to conflict resolution, your margin can make or break the outcome. For example, if your conflict is over your partner’s overspending, you should ask: Am I prepared for the conflict to go either way? If the outcome of the argument takes an unexpected turn, will I be able to move on? Can I live with the outcome if it’s not what I wanted?

If the answer to those questions is “no,” you may need to widen your margins. Accounting for the unexpected in life–and in conflict–can help you correct your course, even in the face of that obstacle.


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