… and your little dog too.

What a classic line from a wonderful movie. It scares me a little, every time I hear it. Doesn’t it just ooze with hatred and revenge?

What got me to thinking about all of this?

Well, last Friday was the first in a series of deadlines at the Nevada Legislature – a very important day when most bills move forward and some die.

I was in the building late in the afternoon and walked passed several conversations in the halls. Some people were relieved and joyous … while others were disappointed and huddling.

The fates of billa are decided by people – legislators who make the decision to vote “yay” or “nay” on a particular piece of legislation. Sometimes, for reasons they are very clear about and sometimes, we don’t know exactly why they voted the way they did.

wicked witchOne thing is for sure – there is a strong urge to associate the person with the vote …  I like him/her because they voted “with me” or I don’t because he/she voted on the “other side” of my issue.

Sadly, I have often seen the latter sentiment turn into the desire for some kind of revenge – which isn’t always obvious or visible. It’s worked behind the scenes and may take a while to unfold.

I know that it’s difficult to separate the vote from the person, however, that’s a key to avoid slipping into “revenge.”

Revenge is very time consuming and diverts precious energy from the rest of your life.

Some may feel that “revenge is sweet,” but I would argue that it gets in the way of getting a clearer view of the substantive problem and working constructively on how to gain ground on another day.


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