When I was a very young girl, there was couple that lived next door – Harry and JR. I wanted to marry Harry.

I couldn’t tell you now what he looked like or recall the sound of his voice. All I can remember is that he was a wonderful person to be around – warm and inviting.

Actually, I picked today’s blog topic not because of Harry, but because of a few people I know who are basically angry and disgruntled. They have a few bright moments now and then, but on the whole, they seem to be more comfortable in the realm of being negative and letting you know it.

And it’s gotten to the point that this is how I would remember them.

So, I thought to myself, is this how they want to be remembered?

Do they even realize that they are being this way?

If they knew that this was how other people perceived them, would they change?

Do they care?

Now, I am not going to be able to answer these questions for them. But I certainly can for myself. And you can too.

How is it that you want to be remembered?

Because the only way to make sure it happens tomorrow is to live your life that way today.


P.S.  Hopefully, I will be remembered as grateful, kind and ethical.

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