Millenials–Conflict Resolution Specialists?

I’ve learned a lot about Millenials lately. As a producer for a current events T.V. show, our next installment focuses on Millenials in the Workplace, and as a conflict resolution specialist, I took a keen interest in learning how Millenials handle conflict, especially in the workplace.

Turns out, they handle conflict differently than us Generation Xers or the Baby Boomers. One expert in the field told me he’s observed that Millenials try to handle more conflict on their own, rather than going to Human Resources. Since they believe in a more casual workplace, many Millenials feel the same way about resolving conflict: keep it casual, try to resolve it on without interference from a manager, and don’t make the conflict bigger than it is.

Contrast that with the Baby Boomers, my expert says. Baby Boomers in the workplace tend to follow strict protocol and tap Human Resources when a conflict arises. Instead of treating conflict as a casual event, many Baby Boomers take it very seriously, often making sure they follow the rules and bring a manager into the conflict if there’s any question of a resolution.

Us Generation Xers? I STILL don’t know how we fit in. But, I’m guessing we’re somewhere in-between.

I have to hand it to the Millenials–somewhere, they learned that conflict is O.K., that it doesn’t have to be a serious, life-changing event, and that resolving conflict can stay between the parties involved. So, I say–Bravo, Millenials! Maybe you can teach us a thing or two!


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