Many of you have participated in the Pasta Wars simulation, and I've shared it, in the past, on ADRHub. Some of you have been kind enough to write (on the Hub, or privately) of your own work with the the simulation. So, I turn to you as I seek to make the simulation accessible by a wider group of educators and trainers.

I know many people have used this Prisoners Dilemma simulation-game in different frameworks, settings, and countries. Beyond my own work, it has traveled the world far more than I have, teaching campus mediators in New Zealand, Fortune 100 executives in the US, environmentalists in Mexico, students in Argentina (and so many others I don’t know the details of). I’d like to make it more helpful to negotiation and conflict teachers and trainers around the world, by collecting and sharing the simulation, translated into different languages (free of charge, of course).

So, I’m putting out a call: Have you ever translated the teaching materials for Pasta Wars (the simulation and the charts) into another language? Would you be willing to share this with me and the world? Credit will be given to translators, along with my gratitude. Feel free to contact me at

Pasta Wars already exists in English, Hebrew and Spanish. Can you add to this mix? If so, then thank you, gracias and toda raba! Once I have a new version, compiling the original and the translations, I will share it all once again.


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