Revisiting "Win-Win" Negotiation: It's Still a Losing Game

Jim Camp- Win-win negotiation, which is more correctly defined as win-lose negotiation, is the just about the worst mindset anyone can have prior to working out an agreement with another party. I’m still not sure what the draw is. Maybe being “flexible” about giving up some of their goals makes people feel virtuous. Maybe people like the warm fuzzies associated with the term. This is total nonsense.

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Noam Ebner- No matter what your take on transformative mediation, this story demonstrates how conflict presents participants with critical opportunities for decision making, decisions of a sharper nature than day-to-day life usually presents us with. And, with these moments of decision comes the opportunity for what Bush and Folger described as moral growth.

It's been a while since a story on CNN took my breath away, but this one did just that.

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Cinnie Noble- When I first started to practice law some years ago I heard the expression and then, observed the act of “posturing” - as referred to lawyers who became positional during negotiations or court proceedings. As I observed it, posturing is typically demonstrated through body language, mannerisms, and words. These came together, it seemed, in an adversarial effort to ‘win’ and assert a position about a legal dispute. While posturing may be considered strategic and just part of the game of lawyering, I have to admit it actually didn’t feel sport-like or fun to me!

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NCPC and Cyberbullying Prevention: What’s New and What to Do

Patricia M Porter- Home of McGruff the Crime Dog®, the National Crime Prevention Council’s mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. To achieve this, NCPC produces tools that communities can use to learn crime prevention strategies, engage community members, and coordinate with local agencies.

One of NCPC’s primary initiatives centers on preventing cyberbullying – what parents, educators and kids can do to combat the prevalence of bullying online and resolve interpersonal conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner. Michelle Boykins from NCPC will speak about cyberbullying as part of the series on youth violence in support of the National Campaign to Prevent Youth Violence.

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Why Negotiators Still Aren't 'Getting To Yes'

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