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Tune in to hear about this year's ACR Greater New York Chapter's Annual Conference. This episode is for those considering attending and those far away who will not be able to as well. You will get to learn about the 25 sessions which includes panels, workshops and lectures on a variety of topics.  During the episode you will learn about how to get resources, links, and more the get information on the programming regardless if you are attending. 

You will also hear about this year's Keynote speaker, the State Department's Farah Pandith, Special Representative to Muslim Communities.  Special Representative Pandith is the first ever appointee for this position and was selected by President Obama.

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Online Dispute Resolution Conference | June 16 - 18

12th Annual Meeting of the Online Dispute Resolution Working Group, the premiere gathering of ODR scholars and practitioners from around the world.


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Jesan Sorrells- Listen up bosses; according to a study published by the Harvard Business Review in 2009, a majority of people reported that they trust a stranger more than they trust their boss. If you’re like me, you had to read that twice. Worse yet, Michelle McQuaid, a world leader in positive psychology conducted a survey of 1000 American executives and found that a staggering 35 percent of Americans are happy at their job while the other 65 percent said they would rather have a better boss than a pay raise. And you thought the almighty dollar ruled.

Given these statistics, it is no wonder that people leave their jobs. As the old adage says, “people leave managers, not organizations”...

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Cinnie Noble-  The aftermath of conflict is fraught with ongoing tension for many. Even when a situation is resolved, it is common that residual feelings and thoughts prevail. Hurt, anger, disappointment, and other emotions that linger reflect unresolved needs for which blame and criticism and other negative reactions may remain. Some people are plagued by wish-statements like: “I wish I had said…”; or “I wish I hadn’t…” Sometimes, the afterthought and feelings overwhelm and preclude any semblance of resolution or reconciliation that had appeared as outcomes.

A questionnaire CINERGY® designed on the subject of resilience provides a self-assessment on this subject. It is called the Conflict Resilience Quotient (CRQ) and this week’s ConflictMastery™ Quest(ions) blog invites readers to check out your conflict resilience by completing the form below.

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