Mediators Instead of Police?

Jeff Thompson- A new report, ordered after last year’s student protests on the UC Berkley campus resulting in the pepper-spraying of nonviolent student protesters that received global media coverage, has resulted in 50 recommendations over 133 pages.  The report details recommendations on how to prepare and respond for similar situations in the future.

Bathabile Mthombeni- Check out Tara Fishler's work if you want to see mediation's future. Tara had the good fortune of knowing very early on what she wanted to do with her life: work with children.  She started with a self-designed "Children's Studies" major at SUNY Brockport

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Advice for Creating a Proposal for an Ombudsman Position/Employee R...

Patricia M Porter- We all have conflict in our lives, some disputes are more explosive and destructive than others. Maybe it is a long-term conflict with your neighbor over the property line, or a parenting plan has gone awry between you and your ex-spouse, or your business partners don't like how the business is run or being run down. In each of these potential scenarios, parties are stuck in a cycle of destruction and contribute to the escalation of the dispute.

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6 steps to resolve conflict

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Yesterday a good friend of mine called me in tears. She said she had a very upsetting interaction with someone she had known for many years and didn't know what to do about it. Our conversation during those first few minutes was dominated by a flurry of emotions.

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