The Ombuds Year in Review: 2011

Tom A. Kosakowski- Overall, the past year has been a positive one for Organizational Ombuds profession. Here are the top stories of 2011.

8. IOA Expands Outreach Efforts -- The association accomplished several things this year including: the creation of Regional Advisory Committees for international members; approval of a trademark for certification; a major upgrade for its website; creation of international scholarships to its annual conference; its first webinar series (on bullying); and the translation of itsCode of Ethics and Standards of Practice into Spanish and French.
7. NY Ombuds for Developmentally Disabled Breaches Confidentiality -- Ombuds and others were appalled to learn that New York State's Ombudsman for the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities had been revealing the names of whisleblowers routinely.  The ethical breach undermined confidence in Ombuds of all types.

On tyrants, their sunglasses, and mediation

Brad Heckman- I took a Latin American politics course in college, and the prof told us, à la Jeff Foxworthy, that if a leader wears sunglasses indoors, he's probably a despot.

Here are some ostensible reasons why some dictators might've rocked the shades:

-- Kim Jong Il, North Korean Dear Leader:  His lady-who-lunches specs added some compensatory bling to his polyester Maoist pantsuit.

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I Shall Not Hate with the Gaza Strip Doctor

Listen to the Show by clicking HERE.

"For December, we have chosen some of our favorite past shows to support you through the holiday season. Enjoy!"

 Patricia M Porter- Dr. Abuelaish talks about his education as a Palestinian, becoming a doctor, his work at an Israeli hospital delivering babies and going back and forth over the border to Gaza, and the night that 3 of his daughters were killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza. Despite this tragedy, Dr. Abuelaish, who now lives in Toronto, Canada, still speaks out for peace. His book, I Shall Not Hate, is a testament to the human spirit and its belief in the good in people that lies behind even hatred and war. He speaks of building bridges between peoples, instead of succumbing to hatred. He now has a website for the memorial and foundation he has set up in memory of his daughters and his niece who died in 2009,

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Call for Proposals

Association for Conflict Resolution 12th Annual Conference Septembe...

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Mediator's Beyond Border International 5th Annual Congress, March 1-4

Profile IconThis Week in Conflict in... (Update on Conflict Throughout the World) 

Caring Grudges

Cinnie Noble- One of the things that happens after interpersonal conflict is that some of us bear a grudge. We continue to hold onto negative feelings about the other person and may do so for a protracted period of time. We may show this by ignoring the person, or making derogatory remarks about him or her, directly or indirectly. Or, we may retaliate in different ways. Bearing grudges may be a way of coping, but we usually recognize it also contributes to ongoing dissension.

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