Models of Standards For Mediator Certification Programs

The Model Standards for Mediator Certification Programs stands on the shoulders of those who have previously designed and implemented mediator performance based assessment models. The work of these organizations has resulted in credible methods for assessing mediators’ performance.

The standards result from a critical examination of contemporary mediator assessment models and, extrapolating from these models, the components integral to establishing mediator credentialing programs.

National and state professional organizations, state governmental programs, courts, and private and non-profit organizations are encouraged to follow these standards. ACR holds that the field as a whole and the public will be well served by the common adherence to this set of standards.

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Cinnie Noble 

Even though we know that name-calling sounds infantile, sometimes in the heat of anger, we realize we have resorted to blaming with words that hurt, or the other person is verbally attacking us. Unfortunately, the sentiments experienced in these words often echo long after the disagreement is over and may even get dragged into subsequent conversations.

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Journal of the International Ombudsman Association Examines Confide...

The latest issue of the peer-reviewed jounal for organizational ombuds looks at the fundamental ethical duty of confidentiality.  JIOA Editor David Miller says, “the provision of a safe place in which options for action and response can safely be heard, away from the clamour of police sirens and media-fuelled public approbation, can help to protect the individual and public interest by ensuring that matters have a greater likelihood of…
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New data allows for unique conflict research

Jeff Thompson

Which factors increase the risk for armed conflict and war? What circumstances make conflict resolution more likely to be successful? If work for peace is to bear fruit; these questions needs to be answered. Today, the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) releases a new dataset which opens up new possibilities for the study of armed conflict. Using these data, useful findings relating to climate change and armed conflict have already been made.

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