Business Schools Teach Negotiating Tactics That Don't Work

These and other tactics share a fatal flaw: the mistaken idea that any agreement is better than no agreement. In other words, most business schools teach that compromise is the way to go.

The masterful negotiator never goes to the negotiating table with a set of preconditions, assumptions, or expectations for gaining agreement. This leads to making bad deals, giving up too much through compromise, and losing one’s advantage.

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Most negotiations need not be competitive. Instead, you have walked into the negotiation with a set of goals. You may want to do an initial bit of work for a new client. You may want to get paid fairly for that work. You may want to open up opportunities for new collaboration.

Your negotiation partner also has goals--perhaps to solve a nagging problem that cannot be done in house, to pay a fair price for that work, and even to find an opportunity for a new collaboration.

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Listen Here: Daniel Rainey- Online Dispute Resoluton

Hear Daniel Rainey, Chief of Staff of the National Mediation Board in the United States, as he discusses two sessions at ACR Conference 2014: the first, cross-border consumer on-line dispute resolution which he is presenting with Colin Rule; and the second, on the tricks of the trade for managing and resolving high stakes, high impact, high stress mediation cases where he presents with Terri Brown and James MacKenzie. These Sessions will assist your understanding of the nature of these differing disputes and to adapt, enhance, and apply your skills and expand your practice in these contexts which innovatively engage forms of communication, external factors, information sharing and co-mediation techniques applicable to sole mediator disputes. Learn ‎more in these hands-on and inter-active sessions. 

Listen Here: Cheryl Jamison President of ACR

Join Cheryl Jamison, President of ACR, as she speaks about ACR's Conference 2014 from October 8-11, 2014 in Cininnati, Ohio at the Cincinnati Netherlands Hilton Hotel. For full Conference 2014 details see the Association of Conflict Resolution (ACR) 2014 Conference website at . Enjoy hearing Cheryl on this ACR Blog Radio presentation.

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Listen Here: Bryan Hanson- Harmony & Dissonance in Conflict

Bryan Hanson speaks about the future of the ADR profession and outlines his session: Harmony and Dissonance in the Conflict Field (Wedesday, October 8, 2014 from 8:45 - 12:00 noon). Joining Bryan at the ACR Conference Session are Bernie Mayer, Susan Raines and Jackie Font-Guzman. Enjoy hearing from Bryan about his Session on this ACR Blog Radio interview.

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