ADRHub Nov 2012 Webinar: Neuroscience Insights for Conflict Management

Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind: Neuroscience Insights for Conflict Management

Presented by Anastasia Pryanikova, M.A., J.D


Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind: Neuroscience Insights for Con... from The Werner Institute on Vimeo.


Every conflict contains a seed that in the right conditions can germinate into a new understanding, deeper awareness, and creative possibilities.  The inner workings of the brain can advance or hinder this process.  This program will explore implications of current neuroscience research for communication, social interactions, conflict management, and influence. You will gain insight into the science of neuroplasticity, mirror neurons, emotional regulation, decision-making, and creative problem-solving as you stock your toolbox with brain-friendly conflict resolution strategies.

This program will help you more effectively:

- Communicate and think clearly under pressure.
- Regulate emotions.
- Overcome cognitive biases and improve decision-making.
- Unleash the creative potential in conflicts and facilitate insights and breakthroughs.

Presenter Bio:

Anastasia Pryanikova, M.A., J.D. is a lawyer, linguist, certified coach, and the founder of E-Studio, LLC, a coaching and training company that translates neuroscience insights into solutions in the areas of performance, collaboration, social networking, and conflict management. From a linguist and an ESL instructor, to a corporate lawyer working internationally, to a U.S. Small Business Administration l

egal adviser, Anastasia has been in the business of "changing people's minds" to facilitate high-stake conversations and decisions across borders, cultures, and industries.  As a self-proclaimed tech-geek, Anastasia also explores how technology and social media can boost influence, visibility and strengthen human connection. You can read her blog and learn more about her work at


E-Studio, LLC
P.O. Box 2452
Stamford, CT 06906
Phone: 203-354-9808

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Many thanks to all the participants in our webinar on the brain and conflict!  As promised, here are the files with the bibliography and slides.  ~ Anastasia Pryanikova


The archive from this wonderful presentation is now available for viewing. You can simply hit play on the embedded player above. Please feel free to continue the conversation by posting your thoughts, comments, and questions in this forum. Enjoy! Bryan


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