July 2011 Webinar: Transparent Mediation With Alan Gross


July 2011 Webinar - Transparent Mediation with Alan Gross from The Werner Institute on Vimeo.


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Transparent Mediation :   Adding Training Elements To Mediation Sessions

Presented by Alan Gross



Conflict resolvers often offer trainings to individuals and groups who wish to improve management of conflict and to convert disputes into opportunities for change.   However mediators rarely share the techniques and strategies that they advocate in trainings with parties during mediation sessions.   In this session, we will consider how and when mediators can reveal and demystify concepts and tools in a manner that can empower participants to use them not only for work on the instant dispute that brought them to the table, but also to take away communication skills that  they have learned for application in other settings.


We will describe some examples of how we have shared mediation principles and strategies with parties in conflict.  Some of the tools that we have demonstrated to participants include active listening especially reflection, agenda building, brainstorming, reactive devaluation to proposals, and delaying reactions to other parties.   Using role play and discussion, we will demonstrate how we apply what we label "transparent mediation”.


Whether we disclose mediation tactics and principles via joint/individual pre-session trainings and/or via interventions during the actual joint mediation sessions, this presentation explores the potential salutary effects of “transparent mediation” on client satisfaction, effective communication, and increased inter-client understanding.


About Alan Gross: 

Alan Gross has mediated, arbitrated and trained  for more than 20 years at many venues in New York City where he has served as the Interim Senior Director, Training Coordinator, and 9/11 Family Mediation Coordinator for the Safe Horizon Mediation Program now known as the New York Peace Institute..    Gross was formerly Psychology Professor and Department Chair at the University of Maryland, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and the author and co-author of a textbook and more than 50 chapters, articles and papers related to conflict resolution and social psychology.  He is a founding and Board member of Mediators Beyond Borders.

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