Monday, November 4th

Live Webinars:

  • Smartsettle - Debt Resolution with Smartsettle One - Product Demo
    • Presented by Ernest Thiessen & Derek Barber @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT

  • Online Defamation: Issues relevant to Online Dispute Resolution
    • Presented by Nadina Foggetti @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT

  • Mobile Mediation: The New Frontier for Online Mediation
    • Presented by Giuseppe Leone @ 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/12am GMT

Special Live Activities:

Discussion Forums:

Tuesday, November 5th

Live Webinars:

  • Synchronous Technology to Engage a Broader Spectrum of the Population in Resolving Community Disputes
    • Presented by Larry Schooler @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT

Special Live Activities:

  • Internet Radio Program - A Field on the Move: New Books, Journals, & Ideas in ODR
    • Dave Hilton with special guest Daniel Rainey @ 6pm Eastern/5pm Central/11pm GMT


Discussion Forums:


Wednesday, November 6th

Live Webinars:

  • Presented by Alberto Elisavetsky @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT
  • Online Dispute Resolution: Not if, but how. Case Manager Product Demo
    • Presented by Clare Fowler @ 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/12am GMT

Discussion Forums:

  • The Role of Technology in Creating a Safe Internet for Teens
    • Moderated by Krista Jessacher
  • ODR Forum - Visualizing the Future
    • Moderated by Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh, & Jeff Aresty


Thursday, November 7th

Live Webinars:

Special Live Activities:

  • Internet Radio Program - Social Media and ODR
    • Pattie Porter with special guests Leah Wing & Tom Murray @ 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/6pm GMT
  • Live Streaming Presentation - Conversations with a Long-time Mediator
    • Zena Zumeta live from Wayne State University @ 3:30pm Eastern/2:30pm Central/8:30pm GMT



Friday, November 8th


Live Webinars:

  • Picture it Settled - Product Demo
    • Presented by Don Philbin @11am Eastern/10am Central/4pm GMT

  • Keynote Panel: ODR Forum- Visualizing the Future
    • Presented by Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh, & Jeff Aresty @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/7pm GMT


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