This is a forum for freestyle conversation about what is going on, the different presentations and webinars and recommendations for next Cyberweek. Please feel free to get started by entering your thoughts, comments or ideas into the reply box below.


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Hello everybody! Welcome to another Cyberweek!

It is all very well-put together!  Great work!  Looking forward to hearing ideas from all over the globe this week,


So excited to be part of Cyberweek to learn, engage and share. Thanks everyone behind the scenes for putting this great opportunity together for so many of us.  Pattie

Cyberweek the most awaited event!

it is fortunate to be part of it despite of physical proximity.

As it is an online platform which allows us to meet experts and scholars in the field overcoming the geographical boundaries. 

I would like to thank  the organizers and all the scholars for sharing the wealth of information for us.


Malti Suri

I am just starting to learn about the ODR world and am wondering what you have used to help clients brainstorm both anonymously and not.  

Thank you!

Thanks so much for all the great work pulling Cyberweek together, guys!  It was a wonderful event, and I know it was a ton of work.  Kudos to the whole team!



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