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Just checking in and wondering what everyone thinks about the Wikileaks that are in the news today.  Personally, I find it to be a benefit to our profession, but a determint to our universe.  What do you think??

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Still reading the reports on it so I will refrain from on commenting other than I just heard Rep. Peter King (R) say the release was an "act of terrorism."
If Rep. Peter King said that it was an "act of terrorism" then it is just politics as usual. It is a statement that panders to his base and constituency. He is playing politics like both sides tend to do, have done, and will continue to do. Nothing changes, no one compromises and both sides become more entrenched in their viewpoints.
I am troubled that the leaks may reveal confidential negotiation strategies.
The Wikileaks will bring to light an actuality that is considerably different than public reality. It is easy to think that global trust will be a victim; but, overall, I am interested to see how the public reacts and interprets the juicy information. Will general apathy prevail?


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