WEEK 4: Chapters 6 and 7 of Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model

Well members of the virtual book club - this is our final week discussing Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model. It's been so great conversing with you and we are very appreciative of your thoughtful questions and comments.

The focus this week is on the last 2 chapters - Chapters 6 and 7 and anything else you would like to discuss on the topic of coaching people through their conflicts and disputes.

Here are some questions to start off the discussion:

Chapter 6:

Of the various applications suggested in this chapter, which one(s) are new to you?

Which one(s) resonate most as something you would like to add to your practice and why?

Chapter 7:


What other ways may there be to measure progress and success in conflict management coaching?


What are your biggest 'take aways' (learning, insights, etc.) from the book and/or our discussions here?

What questions do you still have about conflict management coaching that were not answered in the book or in our discussions?


Cinnie and Tammy

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Thanks, John, for both the kind words and your participation in the book club.


John C. Turley said:

I think that more people should take advantage of the opportunity to interact with Cinnie and Tammy, true leaders and subject matter experts in important aspects of the ADR profession.  For students and aspiring ADR practitioners, this is how to network and to expand your contacts with people who are leading the field.  This is the break that many are seeking.

John C. Turley

Turley Mediation Group

Hi Tammy,

Thanks -- your response is very helpful. 

It makes sense to build a practice with an array of services.  Besides being a CINERGY certified conflict management coach, I'm also a mediator, artibrator, collaborative attorney and have been working in ministry, in a great community.  

I definitely need to step-up the marketing/networking efforts and plans.

Thanks for your participation in the book club!

Tammy Lenski said:

Hi, Patty -

Sorry for the late reply to your question! I'll piggyback on the good advice Cinnie shared with my take on building any kind of conflict management practice, whether it be mediation, coaching, etc.:

  • I think it's more important to build a "conflict management practice" than it is a "conflict management coaching practice." By that I mean that it's good to have an array of services to serve your market rather than a single service such as coaching -- if clients don't want or need coaching, then they'll have to go to someone else. Think about it as "What kinds of help do people in my target market want?" instead of, "How do I persuade them to hire me as their coach?"
  • I'm a believer in having a clear target market - a specific group of people (or groups, if you want more than one) on whom you focus your marketing efforts. It's easier to know exactly where school teachers and administrators hang out online and off, for instance, than it is "adult women."
  • Our field is one where they're hiring YOU as much (or more) than they're hiring "a conflict management coach." So, all the things you can do to get yourself in front of your target market will help -- relationship-building is key. As Cinnie said, speaking, networking, maybe blogging or podcasting, anything where they can meet you or regularly hear from you and get a sense of who you are and how you work.

Hope that helps,


Patty Stiles said:

Any tips about building a coaching practice? 


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