Mladic, Qaddafi, Saleh and Assad like Tsunamis or Hurricanes?

Dr. Janice McRae, Werner Institute Blog

I like to compare things.  Not everyday things like apples and oranges, but unusual pairings like trees and clouds, insects and cell phones, or diamonds and squirrels.  My most recent fascination is finding a suitable comparison for some very bad men.  Take Ratko Mladic, for example, a recently captured, very bad man, who had been hiding in plain sight, so to speak.  Mladic, a former Serbian military officer, is accused of planning and carrying out one of the most horrendous massacres since World War II. 

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Five Steps to Facilitate a Fair and Efficient Arbitration

Zela "Zee" G. Claiborne, Esq.

Zela, a JAMS neutral since 2008, specializes in complex domestic and international business disputes including commercial, IP, real estate and construction matters.

The following are some tips to help even the most experienced counsel take advantage of one of arbitration’s best benefit: flexibility.

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Cinnie Noble

Habits we use when it comes to interpersonal conflicts are like other habits that we come to repeat without much thought. They are rote behaviours that reflect what we have learned about how to cope with situations. Conflict habits have to do among other things, with how we manage our emotions when we are provoked. Habits may show up in how we communicate, and how we defend things that are important to us. Some work for us and others do not.

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Mediating the Sound of Drums for Occupy Wall Street

Vickie Pynchon

Family Holiday Conflict - Getting Ready for the Holidays

 Patricia M Porter

This Week In Conflict

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