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Saving Lives: The SAFE Model for Resolving Hostage and Crisis Incid...

Mitchell R. Hammer’s Saving Lives: The S.A.F.E. Model for Resolving Hostage & Crisis Situations is a book that discusses a specific, if not niche, area of negotiation and conflict resolution: law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiations. However, much of the information Hammer shares in this book is more broadly relevant and offers value to professionals with experience working in other areas of conflict resolution. He takes an academic approach that neatly integrates it with practical and real life examples…

Eye Contact May Not Be Such A Great Way To Persuade

Negotiators, mediators, ombuds, and other conflict resolution professionals might want to take into consideration the following research with respect to eye contact. 

 My research, as has many others, states eye contact is a primary way to build rapport and trust. Read more below to find out when eye contact might not be beneficial.

FBI Reveals Hostage Negotiation Strategies

Denver FBI agent Dave Joly said says there are two objectives a negotiator has going in a standoff situation. 
1- Public safety. 
2- Bring calm to any escalating confrontation.

DENVER - Police standoffs are unpredictable and intense. An armed suspect can put police and innocent people in danger.

Q&A: What Is a Bankruptcy Mediator’s Role

Cinnie Noble- I have often heard this idiom – getting bent out of shape – when people talk about their reactions or the other person’s when in conflict. Several sources say this expression means to take offense, to become angry, agitated, or upset. For me though, the expression has more of a physical element. That is, it conjures up some interesting images – like an acrobat or pretzel.

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Ombudsperson at Stanford University School of Medicine


Effective Negotiation Skills training for Lawyers

Deescalating the Drama in Health Care Conflict

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