Brad Heckman- ...And, I got to hear Leymah Gbowee's plenary spiel.  If you're not hip to her work, please watch Pray the Devil Back to Hell right quick. She's fierce, funny, charismatic, and she's done groundbreaking things to stop violence and promote women's rights in Liberia.  One the many gems she dropped:  To build people's capacity to build peace, first build yourself -- a lesson I took to heart in the story that follows.

So. Miller Beer was having their annual convention in the same hotel, and they hosted a reception with a table full of king cakes -- a Mardi Gras confection covered in a half-inch of crazily dyed sugar, with a plastic baby baked into it.  I was hellbent on getting me some of that cake.

As the Miller folks glandhandled and high-fived and schmoozed, I meandered through the room, giving knowing nods and vague "hey" gestures to the attendees.  Then I made my big move and grabbed a slice.  Clearly, I can't pass as a beer guy, as I was busted toute suite by a Miller's pretty much the ensuing condo:...

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Q & A With NYPD Hostage Negotiation Founder (Part II)


What was the worst hostage negotiation you ever had and why?
Mike, New York


One case I will always remember. A trendy dress shop in Upper Manhattan. A robber, who had held up the store three weeks earlier, enters the store and goes toward the rear. A clerk recognizes him, leaves the store and alerts an officer on post...

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Cinnie Noble- Forgive and forget is one of those common statements said to someone after they have been in a conflict. It may be to encourage them to move on, to not be bothered anymore with what occurred, to stop fretting, to let themselves and the other person ‘off the hook’, and so on. Often this expression is stated flippantly though - out of impatience or lack of understanding. It may be said in sympathy and beseechingly.

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“The Texas Conflict Coach”® October Radio Shows

October  2nd:   Mediate Don't Litigate: Part One -The High Cost of Going to Court

October 9th:   Mediate Don’t Litigate: Part Two – The Romance of Litigation

October 16th:  The State and Growth of Community Mediation

October 23rd:  You Thought Your Marriage Was Miserable- Wait Till You Get to Court...

October 30th:  Tech For Better, Not For Worse: Online Dispute Resolution In Everyday Life

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News, Events, Jobs & More

Workshop on How to Conduct Mediations via Skype – November 30, 2012...

Cyberweek in Italian!

Job Posting: Ombudsman at U.S Department of State

Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Instructor po...


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