27 September 2012 – The United Nations today launched new guidance to assist mediators as they help settle disputes and conflicts peacefully, outlining eight key fundamentals to ensure an effective process.

The UN Guidance for Effective Mediation draws extensively from the Organization’s own experience, as well as the insights of Member States and others, and is considered a foundational document for UN mediation efforts and for all interested in the peaceful resolution of disputes.

It outlines eight key “mediation fundamentals” that require the mediator’s consideration for an effective process: preparedness, consent, impartiality, inclusivity, national ownership, international law and normative frameworks, coherence, coordination and complementarity among mediation efforts, and the development of quality peace agreements.

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Brad Heckman- While I love packing for trips, I’m no fan of airports — what with the $8 water, security theater, uninspiring shopping, and nagging, low-level mix of boredom and fear. (There’s probably a German word for that.)Returning from my recent trip to New Orleans for the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)conference, I had that rare positive airport experience.  I got to hang out with a true peacebuilding luminary –  Dr. Tammy Lenski, recipient of ACR’s Mary Parker Fowler Award.  Her acceptance speech was, to say the least, unorthodox…for which I’m bestowing upon her Mensch of the Month status, previously received by...

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JAMS Foundation Awards More than $170,000 in Grants

The nonprofit JAMS Foundation announced that it approved eight new grants to organizations using innovative ways to promote and advance conflict prevention and dispute resolution. The Foundation will distribute the money in the form of three Foundation Grants, which provide financial support up to $50,000 for ADR initiatives with national impact, and five Opportunity Grants, which award up to $10,000 for smaller scale and more localized projects.

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