Should You Just Let Him Smoke That Cigarette?

Landing in Tokyo, he asked how a previous session, conducted by his boss, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, had gone. Not well, Mr. Richardson learned. Dr. Albright’s Japanese counterpart requested permission to smoke, she lectured him on the dangers of tobacco, and things never improved from there.

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7 Crucial Tips To Improve Your Conflict Resolution

1. When anger comes, wisdom goes.

- Hindi Proverb

We all know that our anger clouds our vision when we feel it coming on. Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation where something the other person says triggers a wave of anger? Of course you have. That wave of anger gives focus, but the focus is on the wrong goal. No longer do you worry about what damage you might cause the other person, yourself, or others involved. That leads to small matters blowing up into big matters

Cinnie NobleIt’s a strange expression – chip on your shoulder – and it has a rich history. According to Wikipedia it dates back to the Royal Navy Dockyards and a requirement for shipwrights to carry timber chips under their arms rather than on their shoulders because they could carry more that way. The story goes that one shipwright (John Miller) refused and the Master Shipwright ordered him to lower the chips and tried to physically force him to do so. Miller and others pushed the Master and First Assistant out of the gateway while keeping the chips on their shoulders. The expression eventually came to mean an attitude that denotes a challenge when disagreeing on a matter and daring ‘the other person’ to refute them.


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