What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [05.06.14]

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Assumptions - Are They Necessary?

Cinnie NobleOn a recent post on the Conflict Coaching Guild on LinkedIn I posed the following question:

“Generally-speaking, a common reaction - when we are provoked by something another person says or does (or doesn't say or do) - is to make assumptions about their motive, character, etc.
This tendency often heightens in intensity and malevolence if the perceived offense is repeated and our emotional reaction increases.
However, why do you suppose we do not check out our interpretations in the first place before we impute negative meaning?”

The answers from members of the Guild have been thoughtful and helpful. They have provided...

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Negotiation and ADR Teachers - Resource Share

Noam Ebner- At the ABA's DR conference in Miami, an initiative that had started the previous year turned into a tradition: Several dozen teachers offered each other use of their teaching materials to enhance each others' classrooms. It was such a wonderful environment to be in, and offered a great packet of take-aways for teachers. Below, is a write up of the materials shared, complete with links you can use to access them if these were available. Also see the attached .pdf, which describes several other materials / activities which were shared.

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Modria Expands Online Dispute Resolution Capabilities Globally with...

CPR's New President & CEO: Noah Hanft

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Volume 7, Issue 1: (February 2014

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Elizabeth ClemantsI have spent most of my adult life working with people that are in a crisis of some kind. They find their way to me to resolve conflict, internal or external. And in all that time of working with people in this way, I have found that there is one thing that is more toxic to the system than anything else: keeping secrets.

I think often of this time, years ago, when I was invited to a Dim Sum brunch by my brother-in-law with his Chinese guru. In attendance were several other students of this guru. My brother-in-law told me quietly that one of the students at the table, a young Chinese women was dating one of the white American students. But her parents were in town, and everyone at the table knew that they would not approve of such a relationship. So, as we sat down together, there was a level of tension and awkwardness as we all thought about the secret we were keeping.

We weren’t sitting for more than a few minutes when the guru hushed everyone down,...

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The Olive Branch Blog

Jobs, Articles, Events & More

Multiple Positions Available at The Humanitarian Intervention Centre

Assistant Ombudsman: DC Public Schools

Position Available at ICCCR - Columbia University

Summer Intern (Boston)

Ombuds: WEA Trust

Director, Office for Conflict Resolution: University of Minnesota

Ombudsman: AllianceBernstein (NYC)

Ombuds: American University in Beirut

The month of April was "Crisis Negotiation Month" at ADRhub.com.  It was a collaboration between the ACR Crisis Negotiation Section and ADRhub.com.

Have a look at the information from each week (articles, tips, infographics, a webinar, & more):

Patricia M PorterThe Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces the following episodes starting in the month of May, held every Tuesday night from 5:00-5:30 pm PST/7:00-7:30 pm CST/8:00-8:30 pm EST.

May 6th:  The Gratitude Opportunity

                       Guest:  Dr. Ross Brinkert



May 13th:  Navajo Peacemaking  (Pre-Recorded)

                   Guest:  Robb Redsteer

                   Guest Hosts:  Zena Zumeta and Stephen Kotev


May 20th:  Unbearable Conflict Requires Courageous Conversation

                    Guest:  Eric Galton


May 27th:  Using Compassionate Communications in Conflict

                    Guest:  Andy Friend

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