This is a forum for freestyle conversation about what is going on, the different presentations and webinars and recommendations for next Cyberweek. Please feel free to get started by entering your thoughts, comments or ideas into the reply box below.


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Hi everybody! Great to be back, and to see everybody back, for another Cyberweek!

It is great to participate in another Cyberweek and looks like there are some great topics of discussion.

Cyberweek - is fantastic.  What a great discussion.

I have really enjoyed the six webinars I have listened to. But why no, or few female presenters? Think that dialogue/questions would be more interesting if gender was equally represented.

Good question Jan. The call for proposals is open to all. Looking through the schedule it looks like many of the female moderators chose discussion forums as the modality to discuss their chosen topics. I am pleased to see that there is a great representation of participants of both genders from around the world. 

Wonderful to be with everyone for another Cyberweek.  Bryan, you've put together an excellent program, once again.  Can't wait to see what everyone is up to...



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