Mediator – Know Thyself! (Part I)

Kari Boyle, Executive Director of Mediate BC Society (guest blogger)- "Last month I attended the most recent educational session hosted by the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society. Veteran trainer and mediator, Lee Turnbull, led a fascinating discussion about ethical issues in mediation. The focus was on four key topics: party competence (including mental capacity); mediator competence; impartiality; and confidentiality. The topics clearly hit a chord with the audience.

In terms of the party competence and impartiality issues, Lee provided a helpful reminder of the need for mediators to be constantly curious rather than jumping to conclusions, assumptions or judgments.

Appreciative Inquiry as a Dispute Resolution Strategy

Werner Institute Blog (Bryan Hanson)- In my course regarding consulting and systems design for conflict resolution specialists, I devote time to looking at the utilization of the appreciative inquiry method within the assessment phase of the conflict management system design process. Simply stated, Appreciative Inquiry is an approach that attempts to study what is working within an organization to help overcome some of the challenges the organization is facing. This approach contrasts that of the typical problem-solving method which tends to be our default when challenges arise. In his article, Appreciative Inquiry as an Organizational Development Tool, Charles Martinetz describes the difference between the problem solving and appreciative inquiry methods as follows...


Cinnie Noble -The expression thinking ‘outside of the box’ typically relates to being creative about ideas – like stepping outside of enclosed lines that constrain thinking. When the concept comes up in the conflict management context, it occurs when people in dispute are contemplating the options available to them regarding their opposing views. The ‘out of the box’ notion is meant to help disputants get away from steadfastly held positions and consider what other solutions may be mutually acceptable.

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