ISCT by Dan Simon- There is a misperception that transformative mediation doesn’t settle cases as often as other mediation approaches do. That misperception arises because of the tendency of transformative mediators to focus on benefits other than settlement, and because of the lack of research that shows the settlement rates of other approaches. [MORE]

Cinnie Noble- The proverbial elephant that appears in the room when we are in conflict isn’t always as big as an elephant. It may be more like a mouse. However, a mouse is no less problematic when it scurries around and inserts itself in small places, like the crevices of our hearts and brains.

Elephants and mice represent the unspoken hurts or words. They are what is going on between disputing people that isn’t being said. They are the lingering doubts and the niggling feelings. They are the missing pieces of the puzzle. They are present without being identified.[MORE]

Noam Ebner- Like many fathers 'raising' a teenage daughter in the new millenium, I find that I remember by heart an improbable number of lines from book series such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or the Twilight saga, even though I find myself unable to recall other little facts and details, such as the precise names and order of birth of my own children, at least not all at the same time.

One line that has remained glued to the inside of my forehead is the guidance given to Percy Jackson, demigod extraordinaire, by his centaur mentor, demanding that above all he must show grace under pressure.[MORE]

How dark is it on the dark side? The environmental downside of usin...

Susanna Jani- Today, we warmly welcome Colleen Getz — evaluator for the previous phase of our distance mediation service — as she follows up on an earlier post in which she discussed the environmental benefits of meeting with the help of technology:

"We humans have a bad habit of creating new problems in our attempts to solve others. Several previous posts on this blog (Save paper, save treesDaring to think smallDaring to think BIG) have talked about the environmental benefits of distance mediation over the more traditional face-to-face mediation format. But, to get the full picture, it’s important to look at both sides of the equation — is there an environmental darkside to distance mediation? [MORE]

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