Another successful ADRhub Book Club has completed.  A special thanks to author Cinnie Noble for her time, dedicate, and offering the insight behind her wonderful book.  Also a special thanks to Tammy Lenski for her dedication to facilitating the weekly discussions.  Catch up on the past month's action below and the last week's thread.

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NYT: Mediation & Arbitration Are The Same

According to a recent New York Times- "the newspaper of record"- mediation and arbitration are one in the same. 

Here's the article title and snippet:

Mediator Halts City’s Plan to Overhaul 24 Schools

9:05 p.m. | Updated An arbitrator on Friday halted a central element of the Bloomberg administration’s plans for closing and reopening 24 schools, saying its method for overhauling the staff at those institutions violated labor contracts.
Tom A. Kosakowski- The newest University of California campus has announced the appointment of Deidre “De” Acker as its first Campus Ombudsperson, effective July 16, 2012. Chancellor Dorothy Leland made the announcement earlier this week. Leland said that the new Ombuds “will actively engage students, faculty, staff and university constituents in dialog, negotiation and problem-solving to ensure that members of our campus community receive fair and equitable treatment.”
Cinnie Noble- It seems that at times after a dispute is over we second-guess what we said or did. This expression – second-guess – implies that we have made a first guess and the further implication is that we are now wondering about and doubting the wisdom of our initial way of handling the situation. This suggests the time-worn truth that thinking before we speak and act helps to eliminate regrets and self-recrimination that typically accompany second-guessing.

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