5 Principles To Help You Mediate Your Way To Business Success

By Martina Welke, CEO/co-founder, Zealyst.

Before founding Zealyst, I studied conflict resolution and volunteered as a mediator for small claims court and family disputes.  I had no idea at the time that I was cultivating skills that would make me a better business leader, but the lessons I learned while helping people resolve disputes about property damage, resource distribution and parenting plans ultimately helped me to negotiate with investors, communicate more effectively with clients, and address potential conflicts with employees.

Here are 5 of the core mediation principles that have helped me launch my business:...

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 Thomas Palladino- Amy Cuddy's TED Talk presentation on nonverbal communication has a great deal to offer.http://www.adrhub.com/profiles/blogs/the-power-of-body-language  For those of us studying or practicing in the Dispute Resolution space, Cuddy provides a good overview of the meaning of certain facial expressions. She also points out that some emotions that are identified from expressions are more powerful than others.

For example, contempt is an emotion that is difficult for one to change and therefore is a potent variable in predicting divorce. She also presents findings that individuals who purposely take on facial expressions with the intent to improve their position are more likely to prevail than if they did not. And then, taking her research one more step, Cuddy shares her breakthrough finding that as one continues to imitate their desired trait one may eventually incorporate that trait into ones pathology.  With this transformation, an individual may achieve success.

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Cinnie Noble- One of the things that happens when we are masterful in conflict is we not only listen carefully and thoughtfully to what is being said and felt. We are also willing to be curious and hear what is going on inside us and inside the other person. The more emotional we become, the more difficult that is, of course. The thing is, that without curiosity we make and react to our assumptions and let our emotions prevail. Often conflict then evolves because our imaginations take over. Without knowing what is really happening we become increasingly upset.

How to become and remain curious at times of conflict is the question.

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Nipped in the Bud-Not in the Butt

Patricia M Porter- The holidays are upon us along with the hustle, bustle and stress that come along with the various expectations, values and traditions we hold dear. You want to spend time with your family and friends which often requires traveling and visiting each other’s homes. But what if you want to bring your beloved pet with you…they are family members too…right? Or, if you have a gathering at your home, you would love it if everyone embraced your pet with love and care. When pet owners and non pet owners disagree about the inclusion of pets in holiday gatherings, then conflict can be lurking in the corner.
In our show, Nipped in the Bud – Not in the Butt,...

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