ODR: Bigger and better, year after year!

Noam Ebner offers a witty and comprehensive overview of Cyberweek 2012, a weeklong series on events and articles on everything related to ODR: Online Dispute Resolution.  Here's a snippet:

From Noam:

Cyberweek is growing fast, from year to year, and sometimes it seems that the best thing to announce the dates and then get out of the way as people come together and plan great activities. So much planning and partnership goes into setting Cyberweek up, that it’s hard to look back and say who suggested this, who did that and who improved the other.  The energy and enthusiasm put in by so many individuals and organizations makes Cyberweek what it is!  Just to mention some of the organizations involved: The National Center for Technology & Dispute Resolutionat UMASS Amherst has always been behind Cyberweek, and The Werner Institute led the organization and hosting of the conference. Modria.comthe Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association, the Internet Bar Organization and SmartSettle.com have long been partners in organizing the activities. Many organizations joined in this year, including the American Arbitration Association and Mediate.com, who each demonstrated new ODR–related platforms.

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Peeling Back The Onion

Cinnie Noble- Interpersonal disputes are multi-layered and an onion is an apt metaphor to describe the many dimensions of conflict. An onion also reflects the many layers of the other person and of us. Our hearts and brains, our spiritual being, our bodies are all parts of us that are effected when we are in conflict. Each layer adds to the mystery and confusion conflict creates inside us.

Though we may come to our disputes with historical experiences that have built on one another, each new conflict adds or supports another layer. If we are able to analyze what the layers of the conflict are made of and what may have led to their growth,...

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how to neutralize the effects of fear

Jennifer SafianHow will I live as a single person again? Remember that even when in a relationship, you are in charge of your own happiness and well being. It is an illusion to think that your significant other is the source of your happiness. Living alone may not be easy, but you will adapt and you will find a way to build a new life as a single person.

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The President Is A Mediator & Publicly Endorses It

Jeff Thompson- Yes, with the title I deserve to be writing headlines for the NY Post, and no, I am not lying I'm just referring to the President of India.  People on the Greater New York area dispute resolution community listserv recently had a great discussion on the media's lack of knowledge between the difference of mediation and arbitration.

...Referring to his own experiences, Mukherjee said that many of the disputes were rooted in communication gaps and were ego-centric. He said that confidentiality and sensitive handling were important to mediation.

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Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution - The Werner Institute

Assistant Professor of Communication and Transformative Conflict Re...

Job: Columbia University, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Job Posting: Assistant Ombudsperson at UC San Diego


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