What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [05.20.14]

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Top 10 FBI Behavioral Unit Techniques for Building Rapport With Anyone

(From Time.com) Robin Dreeke is head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program.

In his book It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick ... he simply and clearly spells out methods for connecting with people.

1) Establish artificial time constraints

conflict pivot

Sneak peak: Tammy Lenski's New Book’s Introduction

Get a look at the introduction to Tammy Lenski's new book [HERE]. 

Dialogue vs. Debate

The Olive Branch Blog

I am not writing this blog post to detract from debate clubs all over the country that are fostering this age-old form of “arguing” the right and wrongs of ideas, concepts, policies and more.

The word “debate” is often identified with terms like “heated” which speaks to me about escalated feelings and being adversarial.

Read more [HERE]. 

Book Review: Short and Happy Guide to Mediation by Will Pryor

 Reviewed By: Don Philbin*

Will Pryor’s “Short and Happy Guide to Mediation” is both. You can read it in a sitting, and probably will. But it covers the waterfront too. Pryor teaches the latest negotiation theory, but the focus is decidedly on applying it in practice.

Cinnie NobleThere are times in our interpersonal conflicts that – after the fact – we state things like, “I wish I hadn’t said that”. This is along the lines of “If I had it to do over”. It is often a statement made when we acknowledge that something we said triggered off a reaction in the other person that served no purpose except maybe to escalate the dispute. When we are at a point when we are wishing we had not said something, reasons, explanations, apologies, and requests are not generally heard or accepted. These and other efforts to redeem ourselves are not received well and we are left with regret and self-blame.

Arnold Zeman- A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision, Union Carbide Canada Inc. v. Bombardier Inc., 2014 SCC 35, has been widely reported in the ‘blogosphere’. For a selection of these blog posts, see hereherehere, and here (in French). The decision deals with the interaction between a general confidentiality clause in a standard mediation agreement and settlement privilege, as well as an exception to the privilege, in law.

These two excerpts from the head note to this reported case encapsulate the crux of the ruling...

NAFCM Announces June Zeis as Second Recipient of "Outstanding Volun...

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