What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [09.09.14]

Teaching Negotiation Online: Part II – new resource available

Noam Ebner- As more and more teachers in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution consider taking their courses (or, parts of them) online, I’ve received many queries of the “How do you get started?” variety. And, I’m not the only one fielding these questions. I'd like to share a resource, addressing these questions.

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The Art of Negotiation: Before, During, and After

Negotiation is a form of persuasion that requires the ability to communicate effectively in order to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome.  Your ability to negotiate can have a profound impact on your success in life.

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Healthcare Narrative Mediation Certification

Using Technology to Make Mediation Training Better - Mediation Inst...

The language of contention and contentious language

Donald Ellis- People regularly talk about the role of language in military and political contention – especially with respect to the Israel Palestine conflict. Language plays a role in war and military conflicts. The problem is language can either enlighten or enclose. I address this a little bit more in the posting below but what do people think of language in Israel Palestine conflict? What have you noticed that either opens up for constrains our understanding.

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Everyone's an Amateur When It Comes to Negotiation

Cinnie Noble- When we are in an interpersonal conflict we may find ourselves reacting when the other person tries to have or succeeds at getting the last word. Or, we may be the one who is trying or succeeds in doing so. According to one source, the definition of the phrase the last word includes: “the last thing said in an argument”; “information that everyone considers to be the best”; “the right to make a decision that everyone must obey”; and “the newest and best type of something”.

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