What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [09.16.14]

Brad Heckman- Folks, please go see The Interrupters, an amazing documentary about violence interrupters in Chicago…formerly gang-involved peacebuilders who literally take mediation to the streets.  Here’s the film’s homepage: http://interrupters.kartemquin.com/

One of the violence interrupters profiled in the movie is amazing and fierce Ameena Matthews.  Check out this fabulous NPR interview with her by Terry Gross: http://tinyurl.com/3b2p273.

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Creating Spaces for Effective CVE Approaches

Jeff Thompson- Have a look at the following.  It reminds me firstly of Bernie Mayer'sBeyond Neutrality- if we as conflict resolution professionals are seeking to make an impact in the world, perhaps we have to move beyond the neutral role of mediators (and other neutral roles).

CVE (countering violent extremism) is an important part of promoting safety and engages in conflict resolution by being proactive.  Looking at this from a conflict resolution practitioner's lens, I'm an sure many readers will also see the great opportunities that can arise by applying our skills to this important effort.


Via USIP- Unlike other counterterrorism strategies, countering violent extremism (CVE) focuses on preventing individuals from being recruited into or joining violent extremist groups.

CVE is a complex endeavor, largely because the reasons individuals become involved in extremist violence are in themselves complex and the dynamics are unique to each conflict.

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New Book: Dealing with Conflict at Work 

About the book: a powerful tool for employees stuck in workplace conflict, as well as managers and Human Resources professionals. Conflict management expert Thilan Legierse explains the dynamics of conflict, the different conflict styles, ways to resolve conflict, when to contact HR for mediation and how to recognise corporate psychopaths and narcissists.

What others say about the book:

Our ability to engage in courageous conversations, particularly with emotions running high, is crucial to success in work and life.  This book will guide you in doing just that. 

Margie Warrell, Bestselling author of Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage

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Pivot #2 – Your Conflict Hooks

The Olive Branch Blog- I bet when you’re in conflict, your first reaction is to think – “If only he/she would stop doing that (whatever it is) … things would be better.” I know I do that. It’s amazing how much that empowers the other person and takes all of the power away from you to change the situation.

In her book, The Conflict Pivot, author Tammy Lenski makes the case that conflict occurs when something inside you is threatened.

It seems a whole lot easier to blame the other person, but is that really effective? How many times in your experience has the other person actually changed his/her behavior for you? Well, maybe sometimes, but in the deepest conflicts that you have, probably not.

So … enter the ‘Conflict Hooks.’  These are the things that get you ‘hooked’ into a conflict – the things that YOU feel in the core of YOUR being.

Tammy has identified 6 hooks in her book:...

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