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Gender and Cross-Cultural Issues with Nina Meierding [Conflict Specialists Show]

In this 11th Episode of the Conflict Specialists Show, Dave Hilton interviews Nina Meierding MS, JD.

Some of the topics in today’s episode:

  • Gender Based Conflict

  • Cross Cultural Disputes

  • How To Be Culturally Competent

  • Monochronic and Polychronic Time…

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What is Mediation? [Video]

I don't know about you, but the most common question I get when I tell people that I'm a Mediator is -

What is Mediation?

That's why I've put together this short, 3-minute video. In it I describe the Mediation process and also briefly mention other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).…


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Finally! How to Handle OUR OWN Conflicts, from the Transformative Perspective

Transformative theory has, until now, been applied mostly to the question of how mediators can be most helpful.  How those principles applied to dealing with one's own conflicts was not so clear.  Now, Folger and Bush, the authors of The Promise of Mediation, have conducted a training on this question, and they seem to have nailed it!  …


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ACR Blog Radio - Mental Illness in Mediation (Annual Conference Workshop sneak peek!)

Tune in Wednesday, June 19 at 1:00pm EST for our upcoming show featuring an  ACR Annual Conference Workshop Preview - Dan Berstein's session titled "Mental Illness in Mediation." 

Join us as we interview Dan Berstein, a mediator living with bipolar disorder.  Dan travels the country teaching mediators cultural sensitivity toward mental illness and ways to make their practices accessible to varying mental health needs.  We'll discuss Dan's history with this topic,…


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When in conflict we commonly turn our negative energy on the other person in various ways. Examples may be by gossiping about her or him, blaming, name-calling, and generally saying counterproductive and mean-spirited things to and about her or him. The irony of the expression, “When you throw dirt, you lose ground” (credited as a Texan proverb) is not lost on those of us aiming to…


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Empathy - What Does Empathy Got to Do With It?

Edwin Rutsch

For many of us engaged in conflict or embroiled in a dispute, it can be very difficult to muster up empathy and compassion for the other side. The longer the conflict goes unresolved it seems the less empathy we have for them as a human being. In this first of our four episode series--Conflict and Empathy: Where Has Empathy and Compassion Gone?-- we will introduce the “wheel…


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What's Happening [06.04.13]

The "What's Happening?" Blog is a weekly round up of the all the ADR news, jobs, events and more.  Check it out each week and view past news [HERE].…


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Surprise Ending to a Parenting Mediation

In my latest blog entry, available here, I tell the story of a parenting mediation.  The story illustrates why we mediators have no business trying to move parties toward an agreement.

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