October is here and Cyberweek 2011 is just a couple of weeks away. Please make sure you save the dates of October 24th to October 28th to provide ample time to participate. Once again, it appears we were able to build on the success of previous Cyberweeks and find some new and exciting ways to engage the participants. It will truly be an engaging environment appropriate for all levels of students, practitioners, and scholars.

Every day of the week will provide at least one webinar offering an opportunity to engage in live conversations regarding various online dispute resolution topics. We will close out the week on Friday with a webinar on recent developments in UNCITRAL’s work relating to arbitration in the context of international trade.

There will be the usual discussion forums providing an opportunity for asynchronous engagement regarding topics such as:

  • Establishing trust in online environments
  • Reputation, justice & fairness in online disputes 
  • Discovery, privacy, and privilege in ODR processes


Training Opportunity for Real Estate Neutrals

Tom Kosakowski- With the encouragement of the National Association of Realtors, local Realtor associations are creating ombudsman programs. The Realtor ombuds assist agents and members of the public by answering questions and addressing ethical issuesthat frequently develop in the business. They work to resolve misunderstandings and disagreements through facilitation rather than adjudication. The goal is to save time and money for all of the participants by avoiding formal ethics complaints, arbitrations or lawsuits.

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New Aussie Film Sheds Light on Workplace Conflict Resolution

A new multi award-winning Australian drama, released last week, aims to take its audience inside the claustrophobic, controversial and often explosive world of conflict resolution in the workplace.

Adapted and directed by Michael Rymer (Angel Baby, Queen of the Damned, In Too Deep), Face to Face is based on the play of the same name by playwright and screenwriter David Williamson, who was inspired by transcripts from actual restorative justice conferences. 

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Top 10 List...Strategies for Constructive Conflict Engagement

 Listen to this Pre-Recorded Show on October 11th at 5:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm CST/ 8:00 pm EST

In October, we celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day as well as International Peace Day. Soon, I will also be celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a woman-owned business with Conflict Connections Inc.. As a way to honor this anniversary, I will share with you the Top 10 strategies for dealing with conflict constructively. These strategies and tips comes with almost 18 years of experience as a conflict resolution practitioner, and from a place, just like you, one who deals with personal conflict in everyday life.

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The Anit-Antagonist: Conflict & Antagonism

Anne Begler- I’ve been in the conflict business for close to 40 years -- first a lawyer, and as the years have progressed, as a

mediator, facilitator, organizational consultant and conflict coach.  And, I’m an Anti-Antagonist.

There’s a great book called the Tao of Negotiation. It sets forth a very simple principle: at the heart of every conflict is a person or persons who don’t experience being seen, heard or loved.   I’ve found that statement to be true through the years of working with people in conflict  -- whether helping to resolve conflicts within a family, conflicts between patients and a medical institution, internal conflicts in universities, a struggle within a non-profit board, or battles among municipal officials. Conflict rages and grows when people are ignored and disregarded....

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More News, Articles & Jobs

Executive Director, Community Mediation, Baltimore, Md

We did launch(NYPI)!

DePauw University, Tenure-Track Conflict Studies Faculty Position, ...

Retired Superior Court Judge Hon. Coleman A. Swart Joins JAMS

October Peace Mensch of the Month!


Watch our latest webinar below with presenters from the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh faiths

"Religious Diversity: Did You Know?"

Discuss it [HERE].

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